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I have some late flowering tulips that I kke outside in pots and they are just about to open and I am just wondering how they long they will flower for as I have a family wedding on the 8th May and want them to be flowering still for then. What can I do to esnure that they are still flowering in two weeks?



Move them out of the sun and into deep, cool shade.

23 Apr, 2010


You can't do anything much except hope - and do what Bulbaholic advises. If the weather stays warm, that will make them flower earlier and 'go over' quicker, too.

Why not have a contingency plan - plant up more pots with something pretty so that you can 'swap' pots if the tulips do fade away too early? Your local Garden Centre should be able to help - I've seen decorative hydrangeas, for example, and Osteospermum are coming in now - they'd be good substitutes.

23 Apr, 2010

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