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North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

please can you identify these corms? on clearing a neglected corner i dug them up almost in a place where i once had sysyrinchium, a tall one with primrose coloured flowers. i hope it is that and not montbretia, but have never seen montbretia joined together like these. thanx, pam wilson




Certainly not sisyrinchium, sorry.

23 Apr, 2010


it is montbretia. they do strand especially when the clump is very old.

23 Apr, 2010


All our Sisyrinchium have fiberous roots, are some bulbous? I thought that montbretia stacked one bulb on top of another, Seaburngirl, like a necklace?

23 Apr, 2010


they sometimes split out in the middle and strands of connective cells remain. cant remember the correct term for the cells involved though.

23 Apr, 2010

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