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I have a Camilia (pink) which is in flower but mainly on the side facing the house wall, the side facing out into the garden has very few flowers and most of thos have been damaged - by rain or wind? Is it the heat reflecting off the wal protecting it or should i move it to a differnt spot, and if so when. (New spot would be by a conifer hedge about 6ft tall)



Camellia buds get damaged when they get frost on them and then the sun shines on them and thaws them out too quickly - it's the fast thaw that damages them. The ones by the wall are protected from the early morning sun. You should move your shrub to a place where it is shady in the morning and only receives full sun in the afternoon preferably. If you can't do that, you can put a fleece over it if a frost is forecast. You can move it anytime if it's in a container. If it's in the ground then late autumn would be best I think.

22 Apr, 2010

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