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do you have to prune climbing roses ?



Depends on the rose. I have Pauls Scarlet up a Laburnum and have never pruned it. Just cut off dead bits or dangly bits with the high pruner. If you had Rambling Rector It would fell a tree, as it would eventually get so huge. There are lots of other climbers of differing vigour that need pruning to keep them neat and under control. The internet or a browse in the library will tell you in more detail.

21 Apr, 2010


I have New dawn and I just remove the branches that get in the way. I also lay some horizintal to encorage more flowers.

I fancy a Pauls scarlett as it is such a wonderful colour.

21 Apr, 2010


Just give them a neat trim , my hubby does ours climbing roses every year

22 Apr, 2010

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