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Potted outside palm


By Haze

London, United Kingdom Gb

Thanks for the reply re my palm.

Can anyone recommend a pooted palm that is really strikin & not too expensive.




Hi Haze and welcome to GoY, if the tree is brushing the roof of her bay windows you have a responsibility to cut it back. Otherwise the neighbour can have this work done and bill you for it. Should your neighbour's property be damaged in any way by your tree you will be liable for all repair work. We had a beautiful weeping birch in our back garden then it started to brush not only our roof but our neighbour's roof and we had it removed regardless of the fact it was a feature in the garden. It sounds like you have planted the palm rather nearer the boundary than perhaps you should have?

20 Apr, 2010


you can remove one real close to the trunk so it looks like it only ever had mite grow some more from the base to .there are special anti fungal paints you can buy so you dont have to worry from most garden mite be worth finding out what you need on here or at a garden centre then find it on the internet cheaper .

20 Apr, 2010



Thanks for the replies.

If I do have to remove it and I can't bear the thought of removing a healthy tree that was there when I moved in. I would like to replace it with another potted palm so it won't grow so big.

Can you recommend a potted palm that is striking, but not too expensive.


21 Apr, 2010


i thaught you wanted to remove part of it sorry.i mite be inclined to ask the neighber if they think it is a you get on with your neighbers.i would also consider waiting till winter,getting a few friends in and move that one as it does seam a real shame to loose it.there not so deep rooted as trees or big could get a tree furn as they happily live in a pot for a start and realy dont grow very quick.and there quite stunning.youl just have to protect the crown in winter.

21 Apr, 2010

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