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Egypt Eg

ما هى اسباب ظهور الازهار فى البطاطس

Asked from the GoYpedia potatoes page



Okay so using a translator you are asking 'What are the reasons for the appearance of flowers on potatoes'. The answer is:

جميع محطات إنتاج الزهور على الإنجاب ، ولكننا لا تستخدم ثمار هذه الحالة هولأنها سامة

All plants produce flowers to reproduce, but we don't use the fruits is this case as they are poisonous

19 Apr, 2010


very smart moon grower i like it

20 Apr, 2010


Thx Bamboo hope it helps Guest!

20 Apr, 2010


i cant see bamboo lol

20 Apr, 2010

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