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hi,i bought one of these dwarf fan palms at 2 1/2years old and this winter seems to have killed it off...will it grow back as all the centre palms have come out easily and left only the outside palms..i thought these could withstand pretty cold winters like the one we just had...thanks in advance..graham

On plant Chamaerops humilis



No, they are frost sensitive, though most people put them in a sheltered spot and, with the mild winters we've had up until this last one, they've survived. The hardiest palm is Trachycarpus fortunei. I'd not give up hope yet though, it may recover, if the lower leaves are still green.

15 Apr, 2010


thanks for that.....sadly the leaves that are left dont look too good either...have been told that too much water got into the trunk bit,and killed the plant in the frost we have had.....will leave it in the pot and see if it comes back..graham

15 Apr, 2010

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