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How do you grow flowers in a gravel garden?


By Lanie85

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a very small gravel section in our front garden and I am keen to throw some seeds on in the hope that it will end up looking 'cottage garden' ish. I noticed that inder the gravel there is a black plastic sheet that the previous residents put there. Will I need to remove this in order to allow seedlings to poke through the gravel? Will I need to use a different type of sheet? If so, what? Thanks



I wouldn't recommend planting of the type you're proposing, i.e., throwing seeds down if you want to keep the gravel. If you don't, scrape off the gravel, remove the membrane, turn the soil over, incorporating compost of some kind at the same time, rake down and then sow your seeds. Bear in mind that most cottage garden plants need sun, and that they disappear completely in the winter, leaving you with bare soil at best, or at worst, bare soil with lots of dead growth laying about. If you want to keep the gravel, buy plants, clear the gravel out of the way temporarily where you want to plant, make a cross cut in the membrane, peel it back, turn over the exposed soil, make a hole, plant your plant, replace the membrane around the plant and replace the gravel.

14 Apr, 2010


hi lanie if u want to keep the gravel there are flowers u can grow in it. I have gravel in parts of my garden and am just finding out flowers that will grow such as some pretty little daisys. I brought a packet of seeds from wilkinsons called mesembryanthemem. Grew them in a tray and soon I will plant them in the stones. also pansies will grow in the gravel, I have wild ones that seed themselves each year. If u look on back of seed packets they say if they will grow in gravel instead of soil . If I think something may grow I just put a few in and see what happens. hope this is helpful....

14 Apr, 2010


i mite take out the membrane if there isnt much gravel and dig it into the soil as it wont hurt the flowers.

14 Apr, 2010

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