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I have a grapefruit tree that I grew from seed about 35 years ago. It looks beautifully healthy but has never had flowers or fruit. I feed it all the time with the citrus feed and it goes out in the garden between may and september then I bring it indoors. It seems very happy so what can I do to get it to fruit



I am a fairly inexperienced gardener but I do know that with some plants it can help to pollinate them by hand using cotton wool buds (q-tips). I had to do this last year with my chillis. Or perhaps it is sterile, where did you get the seed?

14 Apr, 2010


it mite be doing well but maybe its still not quite good enough for it to fruit.i think youve done realy well to grow one.

14 Apr, 2010


Have a look at what your feeding stuff is made up of. The main ingredients,(N.P.K.)eg 20.5.30. on the packet says it all.The first number refers to nitrogen percentage which encourages vegitation (leaves), the middle number refers to phosphorus which encourages the rooting system,and the third number refers to potash(potassium) which encourages flowering,thus fruiting.I think you are feeding too much nitrogen which means your tree is kept in the vegatative state,and the tree will not produce flowers at all.
As for growing a citrus tree from seed it is not recommended at all. A good chosen citrus variety should be bud -grafted on a bitter orange (seville orange) plant. From seed you will have a poor root system when it comes to produce fruit.But in your case,after having it for so long,I would not suggest starting over.sorry for the long answer. Regards.

17 Apr, 2010

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