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I have a Victoria Plum Tree, and a Bramley Apple Tree both of which were only planted in the garden last year. Both have survived the hard winter and are shooting well. My problem is that we have decided to move house. Could I dig up the trees and put them into large ? What chance would they have of survival? They were gifts and I would rather leave them where they are than kill them off by moving them.



I gave my mum two apple trees and then she decided to move in with my brother and they did not have space for them. I decided to dig them up and bring them to my house. It worked fine. I just wrapped the roots in burlap sacking and kept them moist until I could dig a hole to plant them. If you need to keep them for sometime between digging them up and moving can you remember how big the roots were last year when you planted them. You will need something bigger than that because they should have started to send out new roots. Moving them will almost certainly result in your losing this years crop. Good luck with the move.

13 Apr, 2010


Although this is not a good time for moving fruit trees, what have you got to loose apart from this years fruit crop so I say absolutely yes, try it and see.

They wont have made a great deal of root in a year, and if they were originally in a pot rather than bare rooted when you planted them, theyv probably made no real roots at all yet as it can takle many years for a pot bound fruit tree to make decent well established roots.

Dig well round them, dig well under them, tryign not to disturb the roots too much, keep them very moist and plant them immediately into huge containers with good quality compost mixed with garden earth.

Keep them somewhere where they wont get too bashed around in the wind and very well watered.

When you plant them in the new location try and do so in the winter so that they can then rest and recover over the winter months and will be all ready for new growth the following spring.


13 Apr, 2010


Donna said it very rightly blan .Cannot add more. I do it many times like that.

17 Apr, 2010

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