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Hi, I have a 'patio peach' in a pot. I assume it is on dwarf root stock to keep it small. I have grown two trees from the seeds of this tree and I realise they will not be on dwarf roots as they will probably have the natural root stock of the parent. Does anyone think these trees will ever fruit or am I wasting my time growing them on? One tree is now about 2 feet tall and the other just under 1 foot. Any info greatly appreciated.

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Many of the dwarf peaches are genetic dwarves, meaning the rootstock is a regular peach, with a naturally dwarf peach grafted onto it. The seedlings may or may not inherit the dwarf characteristics. Either way, it will be at least 4 years from the seed sprouting until they even try to bear. That's when you get to find out whether the gene recombination resulted in a sweet, juicy peach, or a sour, leathery one! As for whether they are dwarf or not, look at how far apart the leaves are on a shoot: if they are less than 2 cm apart, it is probably a dwarf. If they are more than 5 cm apart, it is probably full sized. Half-way in between could mean semi-dwarf, or it could just mean that it is too young to tell.

13 Apr, 2010


thanks for this info, really very helpful. I will get out there with the tape measure to check on the leaf spacing. It is all much more complex than I ever imagined. I have decided to let it grow on, what have I to lose and I might even get a great new peach tree out of it.

thanks again

14 Apr, 2010

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