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I have a Cordyline australis or Cabbage Palm in my garden. It was only a few inches high when I planted it, but I put some wonder grow on it and it's a massive tree now. It has one big long trunk but at the top it is sprouting in three areas. I was thinking that it might look more palm like if I cut off one of the sproutings as it's slightly lower than the other two and just having the two higher ones will make it look more palm like. Is it OK to cut off one of the sproutings? If I do, do I have to cover the cut area with anything? I saw once there was something in the shop to protect cut plants but I can't find it in the shops now, or is there something else I could use?

They're quite big branches so I would probably have to saw it off. Would it damage the whole tree? Or should I just leave it growing in different shoots?

I've seen them grow from different stems from the bottom but I'm not sure it looks right as different stems at the top.

On plant Cordyline australis



I'd be inclined to leave it alone, personally, but you could remove one branch if you want to - but there's always a risk of infection with surgery, so to speak!

12 Apr, 2010

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