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By Snake

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I brought my friend (dragon) some dragon aum`s. She has only had one flower out of three,two seem to have died. She has given the remaining one back to me to see if i can help it. Its growing well in cold frame and has pushed up two babies. However the leaves are distorted but cannot see any pests. Any help much appreciated. Snake



Snake, I'm flummoxed! What is a "dragon aum"?

12 Apr, 2010


He means dracunculus, Tugbrethil. Distortion or twisting of leaves usually means a viral infection, Snake - grow them on and see what happens, feed them and see if they get over it.

12 Apr, 2010


Ah! A dragon arum! Thank you, Bamboo!

12 Apr, 2010


It's the language barrier again, Tugb!

13 Apr, 2010


In America, we haven't spoken it for years!

13 Apr, 2010


Hi Bamboo, please note the question was not a language barrier. Its was a simple spelling mistake. Also im a female. Thanks for advice x Snake

14 Apr, 2010


Dear Tugbrethil, sorry about the confussion regarding my question about " Dragon Arum " this was a simple spelling mistake. I only know the plant by that name. Im aware Bamboo explained what i meant. x Snake

14 Apr, 2010


Hey Snake, I wasn't referring to your "spelling mistake" or casting nasturtiums, on your abilities - I was referring to a previous conversation between Tugb and I about the fact that Americans use different names for plants than we do here, hence the reference to "the language barrier" - you used the common name for Dracunculus, and there's nothing wrong with that - it's just that it didn't mean anything to Tugb because they don't call it that over there. So my comments were aimed entirely at Tugb and not meant to be taken personally by you at all, though perhaps I should have PMd Tugb about it instead of tagging it under your question.

14 Apr, 2010


Sorry Bamboo, i was inpulsive with my response to your reply. I had a bad day {pain wise } and was frustred with not being able to get into the garden. Then i saw your message. Sorry. x Snake

15 Apr, 2010


No worries Snake, sympathy on the pain front, I know the feeling...

16 Apr, 2010

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