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Suggestions please for something to 'entwine' my sadly deceased eucalyptus tree. The remaining trunk and branches have such beautiful contours.The tree is old and I believe it was a natural death. My small walled garden faces South . The tree branches reach 18 feetand used to grow vigourously,, needing annual pruning of at least 6 feet. I dont want to remove it so,can you please suggest something that climb around the remaining frame of my tree. Thank you



There is a rose called Rambling Rector that can eventually go right over a tree. It is white. Unfortunately they are prickly and need attention. A vine called mile a minute. Ivy will eventually cover a tree....often seen in nature. A less vigorous rose might do the trick. We grow Pauls Scarlet on its own root. It goes right up the tree. It is not a 'thug ' rose. We use a long pruner to tidy up each year....not too much work.....few minutes.

11 Apr, 2010

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