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I have discovered a great source of well rotted leaf mould (mainly beech). I would like to mix this 50/50 with riddled top-soil and use the mixture to grow tomatoes (and other veg') in pots and containers. Is this wise and are there any plants which dont like it?



I believe that GOY member Bulbaholic uses leafmould to make his own compost. Look at his page (type in his name in the search box) and look for a blog he wrote on this subject. You could send him a private message too, if the blog doesn't tell you what you wanted to know.

11 Apr, 2010


I would use rather more soil than you suggest, Fraser, and it should make a very good compost for just about anything in the vegetable line.
However, I believe that just taking leafmold from the woods is illegal. I would suggest that firstly you seek permission of the landowner and then keep quiet about your activities. If you really want clarification on this then you should ask Scottish Natural Heritage.

11 Apr, 2010


thanks all for your help. the leaf mold is from a heap of leaves at the edge of a local golf course. this heap is many years old and, by cutting into the heap i can get a compost so old it is soil-like. when riddled i have planted potatoes in bags in only this. do you think the fertility of this is sufficient or should i add extra nutrients ie ash and/or bone meal?

11 Apr, 2010

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