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I have a small garden with a conifer hedge.which I have trimmed underneath to a height of 4 feet. The ground beneath the conifers looks very untidy. I would like to grow plants under the trees. A) The ground gets little water, B) It faces east with little sun, C) The soil is poor. Before I improve the soil and arrange a watering system. I would like to know would the dead conifer droppings kill anything underneath. Can you help me please with any suggestions (apart from moving home) many thanks " Pottering " Photos attached.

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Won't kill plants, but you'd be best off choosing acid lovers, as what it will do is make the soil more acidic. I would just add, though, that I'd widen the border by 2 feet and plant nearer the front, which would give anything trying to grow near the conifers much more of a chance to grow and be healthy.

9 Apr, 2010


Dear Bamboo, Many thanks for your rapid reply. I will give serious thought to your suggestion for widening the border. If my wife agrees and we do this, I will let you know how it works out. Regards, 'Pottering'

9 Apr, 2010


Widening the border by several feet was my first thought too but I cannot help thinking this will make the hedge more obvious? . Something like 2 large shrub/flower middle beds might take the eye away from the hedge altogether? If the hedge seat where in my garden I might put flower beds down either side leading to it with your bird bath half way down? Just some thoughts!

9 Apr, 2010

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