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I bought 25 x 2ftapprox bare rooted Yew trees (taxus baccata) last year and planted them in good soil with plenty of manure. They all have done ok over winter but now 4 or 5 are turning brown. WHY?



How much of what kind of manure, Jason? As the soil warms, too much or too fresh manure will start to damage roots, especially on conifers, most of which aren't too happy about high levels of nitrates.
The distribution of manure is also important: Big lumps or layers of manure underground are going to cause trouble, too, even if well rotted.
Well-aged compost tea might help, as long as not too much green matter (or more manure) went into its composition.

7 Apr, 2010


Check the base of the trunks, see if there are any signs of softness, rotting, cracking or splitting, please.

7 Apr, 2010

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