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Why did my Liriope Muscari not flower when grown in full shade? Was it because they need a little sun in order to flower? Or, was it because the chlorine in tap water had a harmful effect on its flowering ability? (I have since acquired a hose filter).




i think they just take time to settle. mine havnt flowered yet either but I only planted them in late 08. They are under threat this year 'flower or on the compost heap!'

4 Apr, 2010


We can waste years that way. It's a dilemma isn't it. Will it or won't it? Have you got your Liriope in shade too?

4 Apr, 2010


they are in semi shade. I have them just under the canopy of the beech tree. a neighbour has them down the shade side of her drive. they flower well in the shade.

4 Apr, 2010


Oh, that is good news. I can't help wondering if my problem was tap water then, and chlorination.

4 Apr, 2010

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