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hi am new to gardening had mad idea of planting wildflowers in an old bath do you think this would be ok and what kind of soil should i use regular garden soil or compost am thinking of submerging the bath 3 quarters into the soil ... thanks alison



You will need compost rather than ordinary garden soil, Alison, as soil alone will compact and become waterlogged. For a project like this you could probably get away with mixing soil and compost together, say 50/50, to save money but I would suggest adding some grit as well.
As a bath only has one drain hole (at least ours does) you will have to be aware of drainage. When you 'plant' the bath in the soil make sure that it is at a slight angle with the drain at the lower end and put a bucket full of medium sized stones over the hole to stop it clogging up with the compost. Oh, throw the bath plug away!

4 Apr, 2010


lol mr MB, its different i guess, i just cant imagine having a bath in my garden, to trendy for me im affraid

4 Apr, 2010


As a small child we had a tin bath hanging outside the back door, but I suppose that was different.

4 Apr, 2010


i remember then mr MB, my nan and grandad had one, they look good though as planters, got an antique look about them :o))

4 Apr, 2010


hi there thanks for all your suggestions bulb aholic and its lovely to hear from all of you thats great will follow all that and hope the plants do ok not sure on reflections whether to submerge bath or have it freestanding . as im a wheelchair user trying to plan access around the garden . may plant some spring /summer bulbs as well as wildflowers in the bath not sure if that good idea sounds good idea to me but then what do i know hahaha all long as the plants are happy and healthy and the butterflies and bees enjoy the flowers i will be happy . when they renevated my bungalow they took out the bath as i have a wheel in shower so the bath is speaking to me and im sure it wants to be used in the garden ! its either plant it up or use it as a water feature with lilly pads ....well im sure i will have loads of questions to ask soon as im embarking on growing veggies in raised beds never done that before so anything could happen . really nice to have come across this site by complete accident .. alison

6 Apr, 2010


alison whatever you chose to do i wish you all the best, if you look up jonathanhales profile you will be inspired by his garden, himself being in a wheelchair, just put his name in the search box, :o)

6 Apr, 2010


Alison we are all at hand to give you advise and support. I inherited an old bath when I moved here 18 yrs ago its a water butt kind off lol I keep thinking of making it into a pond but don't know how to line it. Plus I dont want to dig a blimming big hole either!!!

15 Apr, 2010

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