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earth is neautral i want acid earth ,how?



Mix in organic matter, such as peat, and/or sulfur. I would add just a little, let it mellow for two weeks, and test again. Unless your soil is highly buffered--as it might be in a chalky area--it will be very easy to overdo it. Other things that can reduce the pH are copperas, aluminum sulfate (don't use this around anything edible), or gypsum (in clay soil).

Best of luck!

3 Apr, 2010


If your soil is neutral then there are very few plants that won't grow in it. It rarely has to be 'acid'. Our own soil is neutral and we grow a range of acid loving plants like heatehrs and rhododendron. Just add peat free soil conditioner if it is short of humus.

3 Apr, 2010


And if any acid loving plants do go a bit chlorotic (yellow) then give them a good watering with Sequestrene (Chelated iron).

3 Apr, 2010


please dont use peat. It is a valuable habitat that takes hundreds of years to form. the alternative advice above will provide the acidity you require.

3 Apr, 2010


I live in a neutral ph area and acid loving plants grow perfectly well here - agree with Bulbaholic and Owdboggy...

3 Apr, 2010


Sorry, Seaburngirl! You are absolutely right! Some times I get a little too much "old school", even though I know perfectly well that the Earth's resources are not infinite. Bulbaholic, Owdboggy, and Bamboo are perfectly correct, also. The only reason that I have to work at growing acid-lovers is that my soil is horribly alkaline and highly buffered.

Note to self--think before you write!

4 Apr, 2010


dont worry tugbrethil, I spent a few weeks every year at Malham on the raised peat bog there and many people dont realise how special they are.

4 Apr, 2010

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