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The leaves on my fatsia are all disappearing, just leaving the stalks. This has never happened before.
Should I take off the stalks, and what should I do to stop it happening, please?

On plant Fatsia japonica




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29 Mar, 2010



29 Mar, 2010 you've posted a photo - that does look like a very unhappy plant!

Are there any signs of new shoots at the base of it? I think you should feed it, with a handful of blood fish and bone scattered round the root area and raked in, and if there are any new shoots appearing, wait a while then cut it back to them.

Otherwise - keep your fingers crossed! Good luck.

29 Mar, 2010


Yes, think it might be on its last legs!
Will try your suggestion though. Thanks again.

29 Mar, 2010


As with the Robinia question, I would gently sccrape with your fingernail, the stem and if there's no green, then it is dead. I must say it looks like a dead parrot to me, an ex-parrot.

29 Mar, 2010


Thank you. Will venture out when it stops raining and try that.

29 Mar, 2010

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