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I have built a raised bed veggie garden (FL) using cinder block. It was cheap and is working great so far. I put a bunch of poor soil in the blocks to keep them stationary and then I just put little pavers on top of that. I was wondering if I decided to glue the pavers to the cinder block is that going to be bad for the plants?

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What sort of 'glue' did you have in mind? If it was me I'd just use a dab of lime mortar to stick the pavers on, as the worst that would ever leach out would be a bit of lime. Just a dab of mortar should work equally well.
I'd guess that bed of yours will last a lifetime! Makes my feeble little efforts using thin boards look very temporary in comparison.
I was gobsmacked (means astonished) by the tomato plants until I saw you were in Florida!

28 Mar, 2010


Don't know the answer to your question ..Bertiefox sounds reasonable...but I am impressed with your raised bed...Good Luck with the veggies.

28 Mar, 2010


Fantastic looking raised bed. I am impressed. I would suggest using tile cement as it would be easier to obtain than Bertie's lime mortar. On the other hand, the mortar would be a lot less expensive, that is a large bed. Yes, use a dab of mortar or cement to hold them in place.

28 Mar, 2010

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