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my cordyline has died what should i do?b



Hi, I think this was answered on question 18438

26 Mar, 2010


Get rid of it if its dead

26 Mar, 2010


Not necessarily Bamboo. If the root is still kicking it can cut back in.

26 Mar, 2010


Which is why I said "if its dead" sarraceniac, lol

26 Mar, 2010


Once took me 3 years to get one going again however. And because of this dreadful winter, I have to start again. Very Un-lol.

26 Mar, 2010


I saw several dead and dying ones on a roundabout today, out in Middlesex - the Council need to sort them out, they looked terrible, poor things. But strangely, the next roundabout had perfectly healthy ones...

26 Mar, 2010

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