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By Babz

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I fortunately got my 8 foot cordyline into the conservatory over winter so no damage. On the contrary it has a magnificent flower head and smells wonderful. My question is ( having never had one flower before) what do I need to do when it finishes as the flower stem seems to come from the main growing stem center? Oh and this to all gardeners who think they've lost thier cordylines , I had 3 some years ago that got frosted, I left the to dry out at the top then when the weather warmed I cut them down a bit and sealed the wound with wax (like they do with Yukkas) and waited. I was rewarded with several shoots lower down and so off they went again



Wait for the flowering stem to wither a bit and just remove it at the base

26 Mar, 2010


Thanks will do!

26 Mar, 2010

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