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Fife, United Kingdom Gb

My garden in scotland has an insect problem, what planting would discourage mosquitos & midges?



Nothing I am afraid. Are you referring to the dancing clouds of midges in mid-late summer? These are male (none biting) insects trying to attract females. They are harmless and act as a great food source for birds like Flycatchers, Swifts, Swallows and Martins and of course bats.

certain areas of the UK due to both topography and location are naturally rich in certain types of insect and if your garden happens to be in one of these areas, then I am afraid thats just the way it is.

I know at Kielder (not that far from me), there is a biting Gnat that is the most persistent and annoying thing in the world in summer. It only occurs in two places in the entire world, Sweden, and Kielder!

23 Mar, 2010


Bog Myrtle is one of the latest repellent for midges but I don't know how effective the spray is. I used to find Bog Myrtle to be most useful when I broke a spray off a bush and used it as a fly swatter!
I didn't know that Fife was particularly bad for midges? They do say that this past winter weather will have done for a lot of them and that they will not be such a pest this summer. Here's hopeing.

23 Mar, 2010


And it makes a great flavouring for some beers! :-)......the Bog Myrtle that is!

23 Mar, 2010


Hi there
As a fellow Scot I understand just how bad the problem can be. We took our boys to Skye in our camper van one year and had to cover their heads with towels and run to the showers. Midges are such a curse! I always carry a repellent in the summer. They like to gather under trees and near water, but I don't know of any plants they dislike.

23 Mar, 2010


Hi, I think this was answered on question 18423

24 Mar, 2010

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