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What do you think of Astro Turf for problem lawns in Garden



It doesn't need mowing!

22 Mar, 2010


Personally, having seen it at Gardening Shows, I think it looks what it is - artificial! If you can live with that, then it is admittedly convenient.

Not for me, though.

22 Mar, 2010


I'd rather get rid of the lawn and do a gravel bed etc. not a fan personally and does look dirty over time. personal choice however :o)

22 Mar, 2010


Sometimes it's a problem getting a firm enough base for it while still allowing drainage. Most of us around here use gravel, and/or evergreen ground covers. Of course, our ultraviolet is so ferocious that artificial turf tends to fade and fall apart after a year or two.

23 Mar, 2010

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