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when is the Best time to prune a Japanese flowering cherry?
I have three of these dwarf cherries and I want to cut one for an outdoor bonsai, they have plenty of buds and are ready to flower, idealy i,d wait till after flowering and cut before the leaves grow on but I really want to do it now but would it kill it?

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should have added that they are only 12 inches are are in pots.

21 Mar, 2010


No, it wouldn't kill it. Prune now to remove unwanted stems and prune required shoots in late summer back to a few leaf nodes to encourage bushiness and flowers when they get old enough to do so.

Probably best to get a good step by step how to grow Bonsai book though to keep referring to. If you are serious, I would also pay a local Bonsai grower a visit at least for inspiration if not for buying anything

21 Mar, 2010


I have a few bonsai now that I did myself and a few books on them, but wasn,t sure about this kind, wether it would kill the plant or not.
I actualy started bonsai last year to give me something to do indoors during the winter and decided to incorporate some outdoor species into my garden this year.

21 Mar, 2010

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