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can I grow potatoes in the same place for two years only.



not wise to do with potatoes, because of the risk of various diseases.

19 Mar, 2010


Best to always rotate your crops, especially as to plant family. For instance, potatoes are in the Nightshade family, so don't follow potatoes with any member of that family, such as tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, garden huckleberry, etc. On the other hand, peas or beans (Bean family), sweet corn (Grass family), or melons or squash (Cucumber family) would probably be fine. After rotating through two or three other plant families, you can go back to potatoes. Moon Grower, here on GoY probably has better info on the right rotation schedule for the UK than I do.

20 Mar, 2010


tug is right and so is hankooks .plants take and put in certain good and bad things so rotating will stop the potatoes deseases living over 3-4 years to a certain extent and another type of plant will actualy thrive on the potatos waste .

20 Mar, 2010

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