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Hi there
Bit new to this gardening thing. I planted a pseudoplatanus brilliantissimum several years ago. I know it is slow growing but do not think it has grown at all in four years. Just put some erichacious compost down March 2010 and watered. Not really sheltered by other trees.
Any ideas anyone?

On plant Pseudoplatanus brilliantissimum



well green garden you got me on that one,
cant even find that in my books,but if it keeps looking ok then maybe its been dwarfted because the roots have been restricted by something.there again i have no idea what this plant/tree is.
good luck in your quest for a proper answer

19 Mar, 2010


i think i need to go back to school [dwarfted] i dont think thats a word.but you know what i mean.

19 Mar, 2010


I think this is an Acer, Plantmaiden. Is the soil very compacted as this may be restricting the roots? Try giving it a feed to boost it into growth.

19 Mar, 2010


i have just found it.yes you are right volunteer.
this one, it says is very slow growing and is only 10ft tall.
it also says any reasonable soil and full sun.
so it looks like you will have to wait alot longer for more activity from your tree greengarden.

19 Mar, 2010

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