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Hello, had heather growing in pots outside for years then they dies in winter

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, had heather growing in pots outside for years then they died this winter...have since moved them to a garden patch...greeness seems to be developing on them but will they grow back or should I cut them down to the ground or bin them please?
plan on laying membrane and gravel to patch very soon so would appreciate quick reply



If they are resprouting you can trim off the dead twigs etc and plant them in their new home. Add compost and fertiliser (one suitable for ericaceous plants) to the planting hole to give them a good start.

19 Mar, 2010


Thanks !!!

Have already added home compost to main soil....heather are already dug in so should I dig them up, trim them, add compost directloy to the hole then replant?

19 Mar, 2010


No, just topdress around them and water in a feed. Trim them in situ. You are eager!!

19 Mar, 2010


OK fab thanks :)

Will trim dead off and feed as you say....great, then I will be ready to lay down my membrane and gravel....fingers crossed they'll blossom again in time....hope so, they were lovely once :(

Many many thanks x

19 Mar, 2010

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