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By Nosbod

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

I have three huge Yucca Gloriosa, well established...they are loosing all their leaves. What can I do?

On plant Yucca gloriosa



Keep your fingers crosse that the growing points have survived the winter weather. Leave the old leaves on until spring starts to warm up (they will protect the growing point) and if the plant starts to sprout, then tidy them up. The plant may also re-grow from the base so keep an eye open for new growth from the ground, too.

19 Mar, 2010


next year and every winter from now tie the outer leaves above and around the growing point.the plants have sufferd more from the wet on them than the cold.doing this will stop the snow laying on the leaves but as volunteer sais leave them a good few months as theres a good chance they will come back.

20 Mar, 2010

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