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By Mad

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone tell me please, what is the best way to divide Bergenia. It has been quite damaged by frost and a lot of the plant is well above the ground, with really thick stalks winding about. There are flowers coming, but it looks so messy, it needs rejuvenating.

On plant Bergenia Cordifolia



Hello Mad the way i did mine was to seperate the clump with a fork then i tidyed up the messy bits ,and replanted.i hope this makes sense. :o))

18 Mar, 2010


I often snap stems off and I usually push the stem a good 3" into good compost and keep it well watered. So if you cut the straggly stems and do the same then they should be ok.

18 Mar, 2010


Yes, just cut these thick horizontal stems into sections and plant them just below the surface. They will all grow by sending new side shoots out from this stem section. I have done this myself many times in the past.

18 Mar, 2010


Thanks a lot everyone, thats really useful.

19 Mar, 2010

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