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I have just finished removing 10-12 foot brambles from our shared back garden and the remaining "lawn" is covered in alpine strawberries. The grass is in poor condition and I would like to replant it. If I cut it back and cover it with membrane will this kill it off ready for planting next year???? I don't want to use chemicals if possible



If the lawn is not too large and you are happy to wait until next year to sow a new lawn then I would suggest digging the lawn over this year, removing as much of the alpine strawberry as possible and keeping the ground as 'clean' as possible until next year. I am very sceptical about the value of memberane.

14 Mar, 2010


Membrane wouldn't kill it off very well, what you need for that is thick black plastic sheeting, anchored tightly down, and left for a year.

14 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your replies
I think I will have to dig it over little by little!!

14 Mar, 2010

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