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By Vinegar

Gwent, United Kingdom Gb

I have received three peonie tubers what do I do next



Hi Vinegar, Peonies need quite a lot of sun and a warm spot, when you plant make sure that the tuber is not too deep, I planted mine with the tubers only barely covered with soil. They are very hardy so put them in as soon as possible and you may even have a few flowers this year.

13 Mar, 2010


although best planted in the Autumn, i planted mine in the spring last year and they all flowered. the new buds are just beginning to show now so get them in quick and as Kathyln says barely cover the tips

13 Mar, 2010


You need to get them planted asap. Paeonies start into growth very early in the year so will already be growing now

13 Mar, 2010


Thank you so very much for the three replies. I must learn how to use this website. I love everything to do with gardening and will be in touch soon. Thank you again.

13 Mar, 2010

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