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By Bowman

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Hallo everyone. Just come out of hibination.
Fruit Tree's. l want to put apple, pear and plumb on the allotment but space is a prob so l am looking at the type you can train so they can grow flat against a wood and wire frame that will suround the outside of the plot.
l have been told to get ESVELIER as the variaty but at £40 each it adds up to £360 as l would like nine tree's. any sudjestions



I think you mean ESPALIER which possibly translates to spread out.

You could go for CORDONS. A CORDON is a single stemmed tree, planted at 45 degree angle. No training, as with ESPALIER, to decide what branches to stretch horizontally. A one year maiden tree on dwarfing rootstock should not cost as much as a part trained espalier. This layout with the wire supports will,in time ,make a fruity border to your allotment. My book (Hessayon) says do not buy vigourous varieties like ,say a Bramley apple. M9 dwarfing is said to be good for Cordons. Tie them in as they grow and they should fruit very well. We have grown them in one of our gardens and they fruited very well.

12 Mar, 2010

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