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like so many others, our large pot-planted palm looks very sad after the ravages of this winter.Is there any chance that it will recover or is it gone for good?



Only time will t ell

9 Mar, 2010


Thanks.I'll give it a home for a while longer.

9 Mar, 2010



9 Mar, 2010


hi,i hope it will recover for you ,next winter if it does survive cover it with a good fleece packed out with some straw,that should keep it comfortable from the bad weather,,give it a treat of some good feed,

9 Mar, 2010


Only Trachecarpus fortuneii is completely hardy in the UK. But give it a chance to perk up before discarding it.

9 Mar, 2010



Do you know the genus/species of the palm or common name?

If you don't have this information can you please post a photo of the palm...I will be able to identify it...and answer your question. Thanks!

9 Mar, 2010

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