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I seem to ask this every year... i usually uncover the Gunnera about now, but ist still cold enough for the pond to freeze most nights - shall i leave it for a bit?




I'd leave it a bit - the temperature this year is about 5 deg lower than it's been for some years, so everything's late and needs doing a bit later (probably about a fortnight later).

8 Mar, 2010


Why would you want to? You won't gain anything by uncovering it anyway as it is soil temperature that starts it into growth rather than light on the surface.

8 Mar, 2010


ok thanks , its one of my favourite plants, i just get a bit impatient!

8 Mar, 2010


I uncovered my gunneras today. I was delighted to see that they have all made it through the winter. It's amazing the difference a couple of inches of straw or clippings make. This year I covered them with some leylandii hedge clippings from a friend and that seemed to work very well.
Hope you have uncovered yours now and found them in good heart.

28 Mar, 2010


Hi, yes i uncovered it and its still alive, although it usually has a couple of new leaves emerging by now. Just covered it up again however as were forecast for 20cm of snow! I use the old leaves and a couple of layers of fleece

29 Mar, 2010


Snow!!!! Where are you in the UK? Makes me glad we live down here where although it's gone back to wet and windy, temperatures are fairly warm with southerly winds.
Swallows arrived three days ago and we've heard the cuckoo about the same time.
Spring can't be far away in the UK too.

30 Mar, 2010


I live in Newcastle, up north. Spring has sprung ,no swallows yet but the skylarks are singing. Think this last bit of snow is a bit of freak weather - hasnt materialized yet anyway, fingers crossed it wont

30 Mar, 2010


Spring has sprung in London too, but you wouldn't believe it had today - its much colder, wet and windy today.

30 Mar, 2010


Swallows are sitting shivering on the electricity wires. Waiting for the odd insect to come out as it's turned cold and wet here too. Peach blossom out everywhere as are the cherry plums but not very much pollination going on.
Come on spring! We've waited long enough this year.

3 Apr, 2010


We have three toads in the pond - its a good sign!

7 Apr, 2010


I was clearing around the little pond behind our house where the edible frogs (Pelophylax esculentus) were in full voice, when I found another gunnera coming up! This one I forgot to cover up at all and I'm amazed it's made it through such a cold winter without any more protection than a few dead weeds and grass. Perhaps it was kept warm from the spring water which rises here.
A couple of good warm sunny days recently, so spring is definitely here now.

9 Apr, 2010

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