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hello! We would love to plant some raspberry canes this year in our new plot - can I plant them now or will I have to wait until next year? Also, are there any varities that you can plant and enjoy fruit in the first year? Thanks in advance, from a fruit growing novice...



Hi and welcome to GoY. You can plant raspberry canes up to the end of March, though the sooner you get them in the better now. You will not be able to get any fruit off them s the canes will have been cut back prior to lifting. Around August time you need to cut those cane down completely and just leave the cane that grew this year. They will then be your fruiting canes next year.

5 Mar, 2010


Thanks so much for the advice - will get some a.s.a.p and keep fingers crossed for juicy fruit next year!!

5 Mar, 2010


You can also get autumn fruiting rasberries that, I believe, fruit on this years canes. Why not add a few of those?

5 Mar, 2010


This subject was featured on Gardeners World on telly this evening?....Did you see it Biggardennoclue.......:>)

5 Mar, 2010


Thanks so much for all your help and advice - I am sure there will be more questions to come as we are very new at this!!

18 Mar, 2010

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