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Does anyone have any seed germination information on Sarcococca ruscifolia?? I get seed every year but have been unable to get any to germinate. Please respond with any answers to me at . Thanks, Mark

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Hello, Mark
Have this information as for the germination of Sarcococca:
These seeds germinate extremely late, sometimes it takes one year or longer before germination starts. The best utilize space and avoid drying out, this seed must be "stratified" (placed in layers of wet sand - alternately a thin layer of seeds and a layer of well-moistened sand, etc.). The stratification boxes have to be kept in the shade to benefit from weather effects - especially winter. A fine wire mesh will protect them from mice and birds. Nurseries have found that concrete boxes are useful for large amounts of seed. In spring frequently check to see if germination has begun. When germination has started, the seeds must be sown immediately in the prepared bed with the moist sand.
Good luck with your seeds!

20 Feb, 2010


If you want to explore lots of possibilities, goggle sarcococca ruscifolia germination and you will find your question at the top of the list! I bought seeds from SmartSeeds in California, and that is what they suggested the customer do instead of them providing the info. You'd be suprised how often the search leads back to GOY.

20 Feb, 2010

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