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Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a crinodendron patagua ( white ) that is 3 years old, but all the leaves are brown and brittle, is this because of the amount of snow we have had over the winter, or is there a problem. Will it recover.
I also have a crinodendron hookerianum which is fine and green.


On plant Crinodendron hookerianum



Our Crinodendron hookerianum suffered badly last winter, the leaves and buds dried up and fell off due to the long freeze. We thought that it was dead but left it alone and, in summer, it put on new leaves and buds and flowered later. Once again it is looking unhappy but the leaves and buds are still firmly attached.
I think that your Crinodendron is suffering from the weather, Wendy, but leave it alone and I expect that it will recover.

16 Feb, 2010


Well done for having C. patugua! Not many people know this species.

I agree with Bulbaholic too. The C. hookerianum at work looks a bit shabby too but the buds look ok.

16 Feb, 2010

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