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After my plant has flowered should I let it die back or let it keep growing?

On plant Amaryllis



thank you very much

15 Feb, 2010


If it's only a flower that has finished, then there are leaves to come. Keep it going, watering and feeding, until the leaves have grown. You can cut off the flower stem. The bulb needs the nutrients from the leaves for flowering next year. Your bulb should be dried off in the summer - lay the pot on its side in a cool place - then repot the bulb in the autumn and start watering it again.

15 Feb, 2010


You can also get full cultural instructions on the GoYpedia page

15 Feb, 2010


Ooops! Forgot again, Alice. Ummmm...sorry. :-(

15 Feb, 2010


Thats ok Spritz.....go sit in the corner and say after me........lolo

15 Feb, 2010


OK.....GOYpaedia is hard to spell, let alone to say!!! lol.

15 Feb, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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