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By Connied

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Last year I took an onion that had started to sprout and put it in a tub. It appears to have divided into 4. What should I do? Is it ready to eat? Should I remove and plant else where? Any help appreciated. Thanks



well it sounds like you could devide it into 4 seperate plants but im not sure . reminds me of garlic . im not an expert though.mite be interesting to see how many you can get out of it.its just a little onion .you never know .

15 Feb, 2010


Normally onions sprout ,flower and go to seed when planted like that. Are you sure it was an onion, not garlic or a shallot?

15 Feb, 2010


thats what i was thinking boggy .great minds hay lol .

15 Feb, 2010


Hi there, thank ever so much for the response. It was an onion from supermarket. I think I may have to pull them up and check them out. Wish me luck! :)

15 Feb, 2010


i wish you luck lol.

16 Feb, 2010

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