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i am looking for a climbing plant to grow up and over a fish pond and dont shread many leaves and dont effect the fish is there such a plant



if there is I'd love to know what it is too. I cant think of any that meets all the criterion. You could net the pond before leaf fall to cllect all those that do drop. and then you can plant any climber such as clematis/honeysuckle etc.

12 Feb, 2010


how about winter jasmine or ceanothus, both are evergreen but you would still get some leaves and flowers

13 Feb, 2010


I personally would not grow anything to go over a pond with fish in it. Regardless you are going to get leaves and flower blooms going into your pond which will then need cleaning out thus disrupting your fish.

13 Feb, 2010


i have that split bamboo on a roll over a pagoda with an ornimentle grape vine over looks lovley and because of the bamboo and the size of the leaves i just dont get many in the pond.

13 Feb, 2010


All plants shed leaves - even evergreens, so unless you net the pond, you're going to get leaves falling into it.

13 Feb, 2010


bamboo is right but get a net etc youl be ok . mine is fine.

14 Feb, 2010

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