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Hi, Sorry if this is a silly question but would it be ok for me to grow flowering plants alongside fruiting plants?

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb


Sorry if this is a silly question but would it be ok for me to grow flowering plants alongside fruiting plants?

I intend to grow, dwarf apples, cherries, blueberries alongside surfinia, buzzie lizzy etc.

Are there any potential problems with cross fertilisation etc?



Absolutely no problem whatsoever. Each group of plants will only except pollen from the same species for fertilization anyway. "Cottage gardens" the slightly vague term coined for modern interpretations of past gardens where space was a premium so veg, fruit, fruiting trees were grown with flowers too. Indeed, the wider the range of plants the better especially regarding attracting pollinators for the later crops like peas, beans etc. Having a wide range of plants also means that you don't have a mono crop with the outbreak of a pest or disease damaging your entire crop. There are many advantages to this type of growing as members such as moongrower and others I am sure will add to.

7 Feb, 2010


Sounds good L3g, and as Fractal says this is a very old method of gardening...try incorporating Tagetes and Calendula amongst your crops.......they help to keep away green-fly...:o)

7 Feb, 2010


brilliant idea. i have sweetpeas with runnerbeans etc.

8 Feb, 2010


Yes me too Sbg.....they grow great together.........

8 Feb, 2010


Plants like Marigolds and Nasturtiums attract the beasties that like to feed on tomatoes and broadbeans so, in effect, they are 'sacrificed' to protect your veggies.

9 Feb, 2010


Thanks for all the tips, i can't wait to start my garden this year. There's a lot of planning to do but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end :)

Are there any other plants that i should avoid? At the moment my list comes down to surfinia in baskets, buzzie lizzy to fill in the gaps probably a splash of creeping jenny and as janey suggested i might add Tagetes and Calendula.

All my garden is in containers/baskets by the way.

9 Feb, 2010


Nariz is right Nastturtium will keep away the wooly aphis from M9 highdensity rootstock. Go for garlic with roses.

10 Mar, 2010

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