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By Pinnock

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

What grasses and possibly shrubs will bind a slope of more than 45 degrees? Loose but not sandy soil on boundary between Ashdown Forest and home/garden

On plant Miscanthus sinensis



Are you asking about that grass above, in particular ?

6 Feb, 2010


they stableies sanduns with scutch grass ,and I would only use it for that , the grass you are showing an intrest in will be nice especaly if you choose the zebra grass, it will have to be because you will not grow much with it, but it is attractive with horizontal yellow and green stripes across the leaves., you could put some flowering bushes amoung it , no doubt some one on hear will recomend them better than I can.

6 Feb, 2010


anything with a reasnable bindinding kind of root .how about a natural meadow with flowers and beez etc mite be nice.

6 Feb, 2010


The dwarf bamboo Sasaella ramosa is excellent at binding soil in sun or shade. The rhizomes spread quickly through the soil too (see my photos).

Miscanthus (you have asked about this?) is a clumping grass genus and though most will grow perfectly well here, they wont spread quickly to bind the soil staying in dense clumps.

There are many more possible plants to choose such a Hypericum calycinum which spreads through the soil quickly too and had large golden flowers in summer. It too can take full sun or some shade.

Is the area in full sun or shade?

6 Feb, 2010

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