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When should you sow lupin seeds

On plant Lupinus angustifolius



I popped mine in this morning. they are in an unheated greenhouse however. They are an easy plant to grow but they do have a big root system so dont et them get pot bound.

6 Feb, 2010


Good question...I have seeds too....thanks Sbg...:>)

6 Feb, 2010


well when i said I , I meant my 12yr old. they are reliable for children to do.

6 Feb, 2010


Remenber though that lupin seeds, if eaten, are poisonous and can make children very sick!!

7 Feb, 2010


yes I know but she was taught from an early age not to pop seeds/berries/petals etc. and if she has well she has lived to tell the tale. but well worth mentioning dm.

7 Feb, 2010

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