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Passiflora loefgrenii seeds whats the best way to plant these



The advice on another plant forum is
"Seeds show widely variable germination rates, from a few weeks to months. Longer germination times are seen particularly if conditions are not ideal. Seeds like bottom heat of 70-80F for faster germination. Some people soak seeds in warm to hot water overnight before planting. Giberrelic acid treatment is also recommended."
I notice this is also known as the 'garlic passion flower' which sounds intriguing.
I would be interested to know where you got the seeds as this looks like a very beautiful and interesting form of passiflora.

6 Feb, 2010


many thanks for the information.The seeds came from San Francisco in the USA via Ebay the seller has his own website and sells some very interesting things e.g giant cala lilies that grow to 7ft that I purchased recently.Have a look at the site and i am sure that you will find the stuff he sells very interesting


6 Feb, 2010

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