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Has anyone had any success growing the top of a pineapple, i am going to have a go ,and some tips would be advantageous. thanks



I have got them to root then the kids have lost interest and not gone any further. sorry woody.
welcome to GoY too.

2 Feb, 2010


I refer to a website that Gilli posted awhile back that covers starting pineapples from their tops:
The next island over (Sao Miguel) is known for their pineapple production and even though we are a lot warmer (it is supposed to get down to a chilly 56 F. tonight), they do all of their growing in plastic greenhouses. Up in my woods, some farmer tried to grow them, but they are in deep shade and never do anything.

2 Feb, 2010


A chilly 56f............................thats positively balmy compared to the weather we are having, but thanks for the response to all.


2 Feb, 2010


carrot tops are quicker if it is for the kids

2 Feb, 2010


If you look at one of my photos on this site, you will see a photo of a fruiting pineapple grown from a top, which we achieved on the window sill of a semi 20 years ago!
Since then, with posh conservatories, polytunnels, greenhouses and supplemental heating I've never managed it again!

It's easy to get the tops to root with a little bottom heat and if you dry out the cut piece for a day or two first (to avoid rot) But getting them to fruit is much more difficult. Bob Flowerdew claims you have to put them eventually into pots the size of a dustbin to get a pineapple-sized pineapple.

By the way, the one we grew successfully tasted absolutely dreadful as it never fully ripened.

Give it a go, as it's a very interesting project.

3 Feb, 2010


18 months ago I retired to Malaysia from the UK (no more cold for me) after two months of being here I cut the top off a pineapple and placed it on a saucer it routed but took 6 week before any sign of growth I then potted it up and have now planted it in the garden. It is now 18 inches high and am told it will fruit in 2-3 years. Prehaps you should consider retiring to Malaysia as well.

3 Feb, 2010



3 Feb, 2010


Tried it once, no success. Good luck with it.

3 Feb, 2010


Something I have always wanted to do. Have just bought a pineapple from Lidl, pulled out the top leaves to check its ripeness, and saw that there are some nice green and healthy ones growing in the middle. I went online, and see options of twisting out the crown or cutting it off and removing all flesh before potting, putting the crown in water until rooted, or first drying the crown for a few days. The critical thing appears to be to remove all the flesh to stop any rot. Will have a go, and get back in due course, Everything grows in my very light house in Cumbria with so many windowsills, with windows that face all aspects apart from due north.

15 Jul, 2011


Good luck! Hope to see pictures in a couple of years.

16 Jul, 2011

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