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Does anyone know how to pollinate a chocolate tree by hand? We have one in our conservatory that we really want to fruit. If anyone could help it would be wonderful.



ooh chocolate growing on trees -- heaven lol :0) but seriously if it helps I used to pollinate a peach tree in a greenhouse by using a paintbrush to take pollen from one flower to another but I'm not sure if your tree is self fertile or needs a mate!

2 Feb, 2010


If you mean a cocoa tree then you need a male...and paint brush pollination will not work.

2 Feb, 2010


but do they have a female plant or a male plant Mg? but i like the idea of they need a male..............[so do I !] Lol

2 Feb, 2010


Hi SBG my google searches imply that they are mostly not self fertile... this does not mean they are male or female (as you know) but you would certainly need more than one to pollinate. Given that they are usually grown as a cash crop there would be hundreds around [I remember, very, very vaguely studying cocoa in junior school and writing to Cadburys who sent me huge amount of info along with samples of chocolate] Given the time the chocolate was more exciting than the info!

2 Feb, 2010


SBG dont be gready ,you have a mail. lol

2 Feb, 2010


ah but cliffo he is often down the garage when I need him or at work.
I wrote to terry's of york when i was at junior school too. I got a box of all sorts too. Gosh what wonderful memories you 've stirred MG.

3 Feb, 2010


We have more than one, but are big one is in the conservatory. The rest are in our greenhouse, and have not started flowering yet, but they are still young. Thank you all for the help!

6 Feb, 2010

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