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hi, i'm looking to plant single small bulb's into a small old/china tea cup (3inch's ish) and for it to bloom in late april/early may it is going to be a wedding favor for my guests.



Firstly, Guest, I hope you are not talking about 2010 as this is now too late for such an idea.
My first thought is that a tea cup is not a good container for a bulb because it has no drainage so the compost would quickly become waterlogged! However, you could try to find some small, plastic plant pots that fit neatly into the cup and grow the bulbs in them; popping the pot into the cup on the day.
Guaranteeing the bulbs to flower at a specific time is a very difficult task for us amateurs. Sod's law says that they will be too early or too late.
Do you have a good garden center near to you? Go and explain your idea to the manager. If they are good they may be able to get exactly what you want in perfect condition from their wholesaler.
Possible bulbs for this could be Fritillaria michaelovskii with the brown and yellow flowers, Narcissus Tete-a-Tete or some Grape Hyacinth. The garden Centre can get these in flower over a much longer period than we can.

2 Feb, 2010

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